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Online Eyelash Extension Course Australia

Training and mentoring program for Lash Artists to grow their businesses.

Are you looking for a new career path? 




Is it time to up-level your skills?


You’ve researched eyelash extension online training, and now you’re ready to take the step and learn with the best technician in the lash field?

I’m here and ready to help that happen.

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Beautifeyes Eyelash Extension Course




Online Eyelash Extensions Course Australia

Having been in the industry for just under a decade, I’ve seen the growth first hand and know that when it comes to training new & experienced lash artists, their career is something special that I get to nurture with knowledge, passion and love.

Amy also has a certification in eyebrow tattoo and brows sculpting from a Russian Academy. There is so much to learn and so much to offer and it’s my mission to provide the best, most up to date information to pass on to my valued students as knowledge in use is powerful and necessary.


Lash Course Overview




  • What are eyelash extensions

  • Tools & disposables

  • Adhesive

    Learn all about what eyelash extensions are and the differences in products and all required knowledge on the bond that holds the eyelash extensions to the natural lashes.


Learn to use the tools – Practical lessons; 

  • Practice pick up

  • Pick & dip

  • Pick, dip & attach

  • Isolating


  • The lash cycle – about the natural lashes

  • Eye shapes

  • Lash direction

  • Lash mapping

This is all about the eyes, the lashes, which way they grow and how to work with them.


  • Client consultations

  • Clients expectations

  • Allergies & irritations

  • Why I don’t infill other artists work

Here you’ll learn how to consult, contraindications, what to do in the event of a reaction, meeting your clients expectations and we also explain our stance on the popular debate of why we don’t infill other artists work.


  • Set up, sanitation & safety

  • Cleansing & preparation

Know how to get ready for your client, what tools and equipment you need to use and prep lashes ready for application.



  • Application & proper isolation

  • Correctional work

  • Infill procedure

  • Removals

  • Client aftercare



Here you’ll be learning what to do when you’re faced with eyelashes that are crying out for beautifully applied eyelash extensions.


You will learn how to create neat looking sets, how to work with lashes that naturally need correcting or previous work that is unsuitable for the client.


What is the definition of an infill & when to schedule your client in for this, how to remove eyelash extensions from the natural lashes, client aftercare & also how to teach your client how to look after their lashes.



  • Starting your business
  • Pricing

  • What do you need and where do you source it from


Learn here what you need to do to start a business, where to start on pricing to sourcing clients and what products & supplies do you need and where to get them from.





Beginners training available Right Now on my online learning platform

Your investment includes:

This course is designed to give you The best start to your new career in Beauty.


Learn the application of eyelash extensions online with your full kit and follow along with my up close videos so you can see everything super clear and learn at your own pace to ensure perfection. 


You will also get 2 video calls with me at the completion of the training so we can go over any questions that you have.  

Do you have more questions?
Email me at [email protected]

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  1. So,  you’ve been trained in how to apply eyelash extensions, 


    you’re doing it… well, it looks like you’re doing it but you feel that you’re missing something. 






    Do you have the following questions;



    1. 1) Why don’t my lash extensions look like the ones on instagram?
    3. 2) Why am I having trouble isolating 1 eyelash from the rest of them? 
    5. 3) Why are my clients all coming back with little to no lashes? 
    7. 4) How do I make my eyelash sets look neat & tapered?


    The good thing is, you’ve had your basic eyelash extensions training. You know a bit of this and a bit of that. 

    Here is where we put it all together.

These Eyelash Extension courses were designed for you! 


Learning how to apply eyelash extensions and all the theory is huge and it can be really daunting. 


Plus, we are all Lash Artists and sometimes do things a little differently, our online training will be expanding your learning and is a great way to grow and be able to provide your clients with the best work possible. 

Sometimes training in large classes isn’t always suitable, there’s a lot to learn and sometimes the information goes in 1 ear and out the other.


Did you think this is a little harder than you imagined? 


Most people do, don’t worry, it’s a common phrase.

You will get a few “Ah haa” moments and you’ll recall information you may have forgotten.


You may also be surprised by information that you either did not get or is completely different to what you had learned.


Now that you’ve read that, this is the structure of what you will learn in the Classic MasterClass


Assessment of current skills


Eye shapes 

Lash direction 

Lash mapping 

Client expectations


Client aftercare




Preparation & Cleansing

Application & proper isolation

Creating uniformity

Correctional work


Infill procedure

Removal process




My advanced eyelash extension course for a beginner student of Russian Volume will teach you how to take these delicate fibres from individual to a pretty little bouquet of lashes. In my class you will learn about understanding the Russian volume fan to natural lash ratio and the ways in which you apply and design these to the natural lashes to create beautiful neat sets.


You’ve had the Classic Eyelash training and it’s time to up your game, 

then this is where you want to be. 


You’ve seen that Classic lashes have their wonderful place in the world but that it’s time to expand that horizon and start providing those clients the experience of that gorgeous look of handmade Russian fans.


Volume Lashes, they look better, they last longer and your clients will love you for it. 


When it comes to doing it like the Pros and learning everything in this relatively new industry, doing it handmade is the way to go, particularly for the health of your client’s eyelashes.

You’ve possibly been playing around with pre-made fans but the cost of them doesn’t work out or worse, they’re not giving the look, feel or vibe you thought you’d get from them?

Lash Course

Take your salon to the next level, start getting your clients excited about this new technique you’re going to bring to your salon and their new look.
If you’re excited about this new pathway, I can’t wait to help you on your way there!

In my courses, there is a strong element of natural beauty so the training focuses on how to achieve the most voluminous look that can still be considered natural and not damaging to the eyelashes.




By the end of this eyelash extensions course, you will know the Art and craft of Russian Volume 


How to create a perfect fan in the most time efficient manner.


Russian volume history


Product knowledge


Client consult and assessment


Ratio and weight


Application tools


Lash set designs


Lash mapping


Volume technique


Lash wrapping


Russian volume fan placement


Infills & removal procedure


a little background for you

What a Dream!!

Why online learning? 

Given the current situation the world is experiencing, salons like mine are taking things online. 


For those that are unable to join the classes in Australia, you will be able to access the learning on my new online platform. 


Classes can be done at your own place and you can go back and watch up close videos over and over so I’m right there working with you.  PLUS any time I add to the curriculum, you’ll be notified so you can jump back in and watch new updates !  


I also now have the option to come to the training centre for that in person teaching when working with a model once you have completed your online learning. 


This means that you have completed the online course and then you come to me for your hands on learning with me as your shadow.


For this added bonus, contact me via email to choose your day at 

[email protected]

My modules have launched! 

enrol now.


Email me at [email protected]
so I can keep you in the loop with updates & 2021 dates for classes 

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