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Online Eyelash Extension Course
by Beautifeyes Education

A training and mentoring program for Lash Artists to grow their business.

Beautifeyes offers educational training for beginners with no previous experience and advanced training for those already in the Beauty industry.

#1 Eyelash course offered by Beautifeyes



Classic training for beginners

or those with little experience and want to have a additional 

foundation training

Amy Lash Training

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 There are 2 ways you can choose to do this course 



You have the option of choosing in-person classes


 take advantage of the new way of learning through my 

eyelash course online. 


In-person 1 day Eyelash
extensions course Sydney

Are you searching for an Eyelash extensions course near me?

For those based locally you can opt to do the Lash extensions course sydney, the studio is based in Maroubra.

You will receive all the benefits and experience of working in a salon environment.

With hands on experience and small class sizes, you can be assured of fast paced learning at the tip of your fingers. 

Beautifeyes Education
Online lash course

The benefits of the Online course with Beautifeyes Education


Log in at any time and learn with over-the-shoulder videos.


Re-watch to ensure best practice so you’re getting the most out of your training sessions.


The content is updated with new industry standards so you get access to information when it changes. 

Self paced learning at its best as you are in control of when you practice. 


I also offer the following online lash extensions course;

  • * Cleansing correctly 
  • * Proper isolation
  • * Tinting with lash extensions

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eyelash extension training course before deciding?


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Eyelash extensions training with Amy Rodgers




Having been in the industry for just under a decade, I’ve seen the growth first hand and know that when it comes to training new and experienced artists, their career is something special that I get to nurture with knowledge & passion. 




There is so much to learn and it’s my mission to provide the best, most up to date information to pass onto my valued students.



Training is done with head trainer Amy Rodgers the founder of Beautifeyes. 

Amy has been providing these specialised services and training for many years. 


Once you learn the fundamental basics of applying eyelash extensions, you will be better equipped to adapt to advanced styling faster.



Beautifeyes founder and lash artist and Educator Amy Rodgers

My mission is to bring good quality lash 

extension training to everyone that enters this industry to 

pave the way to a successful career in Beauty.

The Beautifeyes Education Lash extension course covers the following

  • What are eyelash extensions
  • Lash artists tools & accessories  
  • Adhesive
  • The natural lash cycle
  • Eye shapes
  • Eyelash direction and mapping 
  • Client consultations & expectations
  • Allergies, irritations & contraindications
  • Set up, sanitation & safety
  • Cleansing & preparation of client
  • Application and proper isolation 
  • Correctional work
  • Infill procedure
  • Removals
  • Client aftercare
  • Starting your business
  • Pricing for your clients 
  • What you need & where to source it from
  • 3 x Lash trays 
  • 2 x Adhesive 
  • 1 x Classic tweezer set
  • 2 x silicone tape
  • 1 x Nano mister
  • 1 x foaming cleanser
  • 2 x lash map stickers
  • 1 x mirror
  • Accessories include: 
    •      20 x under eye gel pads
    •      20 x mascara wands
    •      20 x cleansing brushes 
    •      20 x micro-brushes
    •      20 x adhesive pods

You might be wondering about the Eyelash extension course cost

The payment structure for each course is detailed below with payment options to choose from.


Lash Course Sydney

$ 950 Full payment
  • Or a 2 part payment option of $500 each

Eyelash Course Online

$ 600 Full payment
  • Or a 2 part payment option of $350 each



Frequently Asked Questions



Like any new venture you want to research and learn eyelash extensions & know as much as you can about it. 

So here is a list of commonly asked questions that you may have before embarking on training. 



After completing your theory and practical training, you will need to work on 10 models to receive your certificate of completion.

My course will teach you the basic business admin skills to set yourself up for success.

This depends on you!  The theory can take a couple of days or less depending on your preference and the models you will need to work on will depend on how many people you can work on each week. 

You do not need any prior skills. My course is designed to teach you everything you need.

Absolutely, if this is a passion you really want to do, you can make a fabulous career out of it. 

Being a lash artist requires patience and dedicated hard work. It will not be easy straight away but you will get better with time. 

Firstly, enrol in Beautifeyes Education. For current times like lockdown, you can opt for Online training and start practicing right away so when all restrictions lift, you are ready to start working on models. 

This is always dependent on the area in which you will operate. My course helps guide you through this process to help identify how to charge while starting your business.

Yes you should always provide your own models. The reason is to help with your self assessment. We guide you through the process of understanding what to look for and how to correct. 

The kit provided by Beautifeyes Education is full of tools and accessories to work on at least 20 models. The practice kit contents are included in the list above. 

Always ! it is impossible to learn all this at once and take everything in. I love to help and answer questions as I believe that your education should be well rounded. 

Why learn with Beautifeyes? 

Given the current situation the world is experiencing, businesses like mine are taking things online. 



For those that are unable to join the classes in Sydney, you will be able to access the learning on my new platform. 



Classes can be done at your own place and you can go back and watch up close videos over and over so I’m right there working with you.  PLUS any time I add to the curriculum, you’ll be notified so you can jump back in and watch new updates !  



I also now have the option to come to the training centre for that in person teaching when working with models once you have completed your online learning. 



This means that you have completed the course and then you can  come to me for your hands on learning with me as your shadow.



For this added bonus, contact me via email to choose your day at 

[email protected]

My modules have launched! 

enrol now.


Email me at [email protected]
so I can keep you in the loop with updates & 2021 dates for classes held at my training centre in Maroubra 


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